19 Jan

David Attenborough’s new Great Barrier Reef series

With the release of David Attenborough’s latest series, the world is submerged into Australia’s very own 7th wonder of the world. Attenborough investigates the depths of the Great Barrier Reef with his team of 75- equipped with the latest in science and technology.

It’s with great nostalgia that Attenborough returns to the reef- almost 60 years after filming his last documentary on the Great Barrier Reef. Whilst highlighting the imminent beauty and wonder of the reef, Attenborough also takes the opportunity to publicize the instability of the area, in reference to human impact and global warming. Attenborough urges government awareness, broadcasting his environmental concern on a global platform.

Over the 3-part series Attenborough covers various angles of the Reef and brilliantly demonstrates the indigenous Australian’s spiritual and historical relationship with the Great Barrier Reef. A breath-taking timeline of the transformation of the area is included to analyze the changes undergone over the years.

To experience first hand the awe-inspiring beauty and mystery that is encapsulated in the Great Barrier Reef, a trip to Far North Queensland is paramount. Port Douglas is situated less than 40km from the reef, with various tour companies offering a range of opportunities to experience the Great Barrier Reef.

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